Dental Veneers in Suffern, NY

Dental Veneers in Suffern, NY

Porcelain veneers are thin coverings of ceramic bonded onto the front and top of the teeth. They’re a simple, highly versatile choice for a better smile. Veneers can hide gaps between the teeth and cover up stained, crooked, or misshapen teeth. These shells make your teeth look great and add some extra strength to your chewing surfaces.

Having veneers placed usually takes several visits. Your dentist in Ramapo will make small reductions in your outer tooth layer so the veneer will fit perfectly. Don’t worry at all about the “tooth shaving,” as the tough veneer will protect your teeth from decay. Conventional veneers are permanent. Porcelain veneers are very durable and last as long as 10 years.

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What are Lumineers?

Lumineers®️ by Cerinate®️ is a name-brand innovative type of porcelain veneers that use porcelain veneers to fit onto existing teeth without being shaved. Lumineers are painless, look great, and let you show off a bright white smile that’s not only attractive but well aligned. They are a long-lasting solution for chipped or stained teeth.

Razor-thin Lumineers don’t require your tooth surface to be ground down at all. Lumineers are tough, undetectable, and resistant to tea and coffee stains while being unsurpassed in their resemblance to natural teeth.

The Procedure for Fitting Veneers

Veneers take three appointments to plan, prepare and place.

In the first visit, tell your Suffern family dentist exactly what outcome you want. Your dentist with thoroughly examine your teeth and take X-rays of your teeth. Moving on to the next visit, your dentist near me will need to remove about ½ millimeter of enamel from your tooth’s surface. That’s roughly equal to the veneer’s thickness. You may receive local anesthesia at this stage. A model will be made of your tooth which will then be sent to a dental laboratory, which builds your veneer or veneers to fit your specific measurements.

Once your veneers are ready, your dentist will apply a light coat of glycerin to your tooth and place the veneer on your tooth to trim and fit it perfectly. Finally, the glycerin is removed and your teeth after polished and etched. Your dentist in Suffern affixes the veneer with special cement, which is hardened using a special light. The light triggers chemical adhesives in the cement to set with a powerful bond.

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