Teeth Whitening in Suffern, NY

Teeth Whitening in Suffern, NY

We offer exceptionally easy and effective teeth whitening at Dental Wellness of Suffern, NY. Although the simple restoration of tooth whiteness is possible with regular cleaning sessions at your Suffern dentist’s office, the KöR teeth whitening system gives you results beyond your expectations. The KöR Dual-Activated, Hydremide®️ Peroxide formulation and the delivery system gives superior results, without any special lights.

All tooth whitening gels used at a dentist office Suffern NY are unstable at room temperature. They tend to degrade, and in doing so, they lose some of their power to remove surface discoloration. The KöR Whitening System relies on constant refrigeration of its whitening gels. Because these gels are chemically unstable, manufacture-to-use refrigeration is 100% necessary to keep our special gels powerful. When you choose the KöR Whitening System, you’re going to get a whitening product that’s just as powerful at the time of application as the day it was made at the factory.

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What about Tooth Sensitivity?

Even though the KöR Whitening System delivers a far more intense and deep cleaning of the tooth, the rate of tooth sensitive with its use is average to below average. The system uses a special desensitizer that plugs up the tiny dentinal tubules in the surface of teeth. This prevents tooth sensitivity from occurring, instead of only treating symptoms.

How Long Do Teeth Stay White?

The KöR System fully renews and restores your teeth to their maximum ability to take in tooth whitening bleaching factors. This allows patients to keep their teeth white when using the at-home KöR System maintenance system. KöR delivers a permanent white smile, even if you drink red wine, coffee or tea.

Do you have “tetracycline teeth?” KöR whitens tetracycline stains embedded in the enamel. It’s the only teeth whitening system that can make this claim. Dental Wellness of Suffern family dentist in Airmont apart from offering top notch teeth whitening services also offer the best advise that you may need.

How Does The KöR Whitening System Work?

We make thin, comfortable trays for your teeth. The whitening gel goes in the tray, and an awesome white smile comes out! The changes are stunning. Some patients experience 10 to 15 shades of lightning.

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