Solea Laser in Suffern, NY

Solea Laser in Suffern, NY

Are you looking for advanced laser treatment from a laser dentist near you? If so, the team at Dental Wellness of Suffern is proud to let you know about one of the most revolutionary options available in modern dentistry – Solea isotopic CO2 laser for use on the gingiva, dentin, enamel, and bone.

Pain-Free Dentistry Has Arrived

Our dentist in Suffern and dental care team knows that some patients avoid visiting their dentist as often as recommended because they have a fear of dental pain. Unfortunately, that avoidance can often lead to larger dental concerns when preventive dental care isn’t practiced.

But now, with the use of Solea laser technology, patients of all ages can experience pain-free laser dentistry. With laser dentistry in Suffern, patients can receive the preventive and restorative dental care they need without worry.

By providing Solea laser technology, we’re able to remove the decayed material and examine the cavity to ensure that there is no infection without the use of any needles.

A Great Alternative to Sedation Dentistry in Suffern

This is especially good news for Suffern patients who want to enjoy a pain-free dental experience, and also for patients who don’t want to rely on sedation methods to obtain the dental work they need. Research shows that when Solea laser in Suffern is used, 95 percent of routine dental procedures can be performed without anesthesia.

Not only does that mean that you won’t have to undergo sedation, but it means that you won’t have the tell-tale lip swelling and lip numbness that often accompanies many dental procedures. With Solea laser use, you can resume your normal activities after your procedure without evidence that you’ve been to the laser dentistry – something that many patients with busy schedules especially appreciate!

Ready to Learn More?

If you’ve been looking for laser dentistry near you, then you can stop your search and book an appointment today with the team at Dental Wellness by either calling our office or using our convenient online booking tool. We’re also happy to offer convenient Saturday appointments in addition to weekly appointment times.

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