Solea Gum Treatment in Suffern, NY

Solea Gum Treatment in Suffern, NY

If you have gum irritation, bleeding, inflammation, or swelling problems, you’re probably looking for a dentist near me who can help. Dental Wellness of Suffern is the dentist in Suffern you need to help with gum-related issues. We offer a special service called Solea Laser Gum Treatment that may be just the thing you need to fix your gum health issues and get you smiling again without pain and discomfort.

What is a Solea Gum Treatment?

The Solea Gum Treatment system uses a special carbon dioxide laser to perform several different functions related to oral health. There are many ways that the laser can be used to improve your oral health, and because of how precise it is, it is minimally invasive and easier than getting a standard treatment from a dentist’s office.

Recovery time and discomfort from treatment are greatly reduced thanks to how well the laser works to target just the area of the gum that needs treatment. This way, you won’t have to wait as long to get back to eating and drinking your favorite foods or smiling as you used to.

What Can Solea Gum Treatment Do for Me?

Solea Gum Treatment is the perfect choice if you’re having trouble with gum disease. The specialized laser can treat canker sores on the gums, remove plaque buildup from teeth and gums, and remove food particles and other debris.

If your case is more severe, the treatment can even help with advanced gum disease by reshaping the gum by cutting away the damaged tissue with as little pain as possible, thanks to the laser’s precision. We can even use it to reshape the bone if a gum or bone graft is necessary. This treatment allows you to recover from even advanced gum disease. The next time you consider Solea Gum Treatment in Suffern, remember Dental Wellness of Suffern is here for you.

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