Sleep Dentistry in Suffern, NY

Sleep Dentistry in Suffern, NY

If snoring is a chronic, ongoing problem in your life, it would be best to get evaluated by a dentist who is well-versed in sleep dentistry near me. Unaddressed chronic snoring negatively affects your quality of life, as well as your partner’s. Snoring occurs when air flows through obstructed airways. This obstruction may result from blocked sinuses, allergies, the anatomy of your mouth, or excess body weight. As air struggles to move through the constricted airways, the airways vibrate, causing the snoring sound.

Dental Wellness of Suffern is a leading dental practice that is proud to offer an innovative solution to snoring. We’re one of the pioneer providers of Solea® Sleep in Suffern, NY. Solea Sleep is an innovative solution that tackles snoring painlessly and effectively, guaranteeing uninterrupted sleep and restful nights.

What is Solea® Sleep?

Solea® Sleep is a painless, non-surgical treatment that eliminates snoring through the use of laser light. During treatment, our dentist in Suffern, NY, uses a handheld laser device to direct laser light at the tissue in the back of your throat. This process is painless and usually over within 3 to 5 minutes. You may opt to undergo the treatment with or without anesthesia. For patients who require anesthesia, this is administered in the form of a topical anesthetic spray, which usually helps with gagging. Even without anesthesia, you’ll only experience slight discomfort and no pain.

How Does Solea® Sleep Work?

Solea Sleep works by shrinking the collagen of your throat tissues. As the collagen shrinks, the tissues tighten, and as a result, the airways become less constricted and more open. Many patients report feeling like their airways are more open immediately after treatment. As the airways open up, air doesn’t struggle to flow through, and as such, snoring is reduced or eliminated.

You require a single session of Solea Sleep treatment. Afterward, you will continue to experience enhanced relief as the collagen continues to shrink for 30 days.

If you’ve been struggling with snoring, our dentist near me will examine you to determine if you’re the right candidate for Solea Sleep. In some cases, patients require a comprehensive analysis by a sleep physician to rule out sleep apnea.

Are you looking for a reputable, patient-centric dental practice that is well-known for providing personalized and innovative sleep dentistry in Suffern, NY? Contact Dental Wellness of Suffern today to arrange an appointment with our dentist office Suffern NY.

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