Sleep Dentistry in Suffern, NY

Sleep Dentistry in Suffern, NY

Do you snore in your sleep? If yes, you’re among millions of Americans who struggle with his condition. Snoring can affect individuals of all ages and is often caused by different factors. Allergies, the anatomy of your mouth, body weight, and swollen sinuses can cause you to snore. For many people, snoring is a short-term or occasional problem that usually resolves on its own.

If you’re a chronic snorer, it would be best to get checked by a dentist who is skilled in sleep dentistry. Unaddressed snoring can ruin a good night of sleep as well as cause untold distress for your partner. If your mornings are characterized by dry mouth and morning headaches, it may be time to see our dentist near you.

Dental Wellness of Suffern is a leading, multi-specialty dental practice that has many years of experience in offering sleep dentistry in Suffern, NY. We’re proud to offer Solea® Sleep, an innovative, painless, and non-invasive snoring treatment recently unveiled by Convergent Dental—a world-renowned dental equipment and technology company. We’re among the few dental practices offering this novel snoring treatment in Suffern, NY.

What Causes Snoring?

The movement of air through collapsed or obstructed airways causes a snoring sound. The obstruction occurred when muscles located in your throat and back of the mouth collapse, usually due to one or more of the factors mentioned earlier. As the air moves through partially blocked airways, vibration occurs, leading to snoring.

Narrower airways create more forceful vibrations and, consequently, louder snoring.

How Solea® Sleep Works

Solea Sleep is an innovative application that provides rapid relief for snorers. It works by tightening the soft palate, or the soft tissue located at the back of the roof of your mouth. By tightening the soft palate, the treatment minimizes blockage of the airways, which consequently reduces vibrations. As a result, you snore less or don’t snore at all.

Solea Sleep treatment is easy to administer and is usually over within five minutes. You’ll begin to experience the effects after a single session of therapy. During your appointment, our dentist in Suffern, NY, will start with a consultation before using the hand-held Solea Sleep laser device to sculpt the soft palate.

Are you struggling with snoring? Let us introduce you to Solea Sleep. Contact Dental Wellness of Suffern if you’re looking for a dental practice that provides personalized sleep dentistry near you.

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