Pediatric Dentist in Suffern, NY

Pediatric Dentist in Suffern, NY

When it comes to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health, Dental Wellness of Suffern believes that it is important to start at an early age. We are proud to offer a range of options for pediatric dentistry that are perfect for protecting and even treating your little one’s smile! For your child’s next appointment, contact Dental Wellness of Suffern today!

Dental Wellness of Suffern’s dentist in Ramapo, dentist in Hillburn, dentist in Airmont are all experienced professionals offering the required treatment and care services to your child, ensuring that not only the best services are offered but also dental anxiety is avoided.

Pediatric Dentistry Near You in Monsey – Suffern, NY

Caring for your child’s smile should be extremely important, children who visit the dentist at an early age are much less likely to have decay, cavities, infections and even gum disease later in life. Our pediatric dentistry near you includes:

Regular Dental Examinations

Routine dental examinations allow your pediatric dentist in Suffern to monitor your child’s smile and development, in the event any risk factors are noticed we can create a treatment plan and quickly address the problem before it advances.

Regular Dental Cleanings

When it comes to dental care, children are often still trying to master the craft. Routine dental cleanings allow us to thoroughly clean your child’s smile, getting those areas they might miss.

Fluoride Treatments

Do you want to make sure your child’s smile is as protected as possible? Fluoride treatments can help strengthen enamel, remineralize teeth, prevent cavities and even reverse early signs of decay. The entire treatment process takes only a few minutes for our experienced staff to perform.

Dental Sealants – Solution for Protecting Your Smile

Another great tool for prevention, dental sealants near you are a quick, comfortable and affordable treatment option which can be used to provide extra protection for your child’s smile. The sealant is simply painted on the teeth and allowed to dry. With proper care, sealants can last for over a decade.

Pediatric Emergency Dental Care

Has your child experienced a dental emergency? Give us a call right away. We’d be happy to see them!

Visit Our Pediatric Dentist in Suffern

Ready to schedule your child’s appointment with our dentist for toddlers near you? Contact Dental Wellness of Suffern today, we are always accepting new patients and would be happy to protect your child’s smile. We look forward to meeting your family!

Additionally , you can schedule an appointment with our dentist in Montebello or dentist in Mahwah, NJ for an improved range of pediatric dental services.

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