Isolite3 Dental Isolation System

Isolite3 Dental Isolation System

For your protection during dental procedures, we use state-of-the-art Isolite 3. Isolite 3 is the innovative dental isolation system by Zyris™. A dental isolation system allows dentists to control the oral environment during dental procedures. For any dental procedure to be successful, proper dental isolation must be achieved. Isolation involves ensuring the affected tooth that requires treatment is isolated or protected against blood and saliva.

For many years, dentists have relied on manual isolation using rubber dams and other traditional systems. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, we can offer our patients cutting edge solutions that increase productivity as well as enhance comfort. Isolite 3 is one such solution.

How it Works

Isolite 3 combines saliva evacuation, bite block, and tongue retraction all in one device. By offering optimal isolation during dental procedures, Isolite 3 allows our dentist in Mahwah to work faster without interruption. This translates into less chair time and subsequently shorter appointments for you.

As well as isolating your teeth, the mouthpiece also delivers shadow-less illumination, thus allowing our dentist to work faster and with enhanced precision. As our dentist works on your affected tooth, Isolite 3 continuously evacuates all debris from your oral cavity. The dental isolation system also protects your throat against inadvertent aspiration. In other words, it ensures you don’t inhale debris from your mouth during your dental procedure.

What to Expect

We use the Isolite 3 system for dental isolation during all procedures, including restorative dentistry such as placement of dental crowns, dental implantation procedures, extractions, scaling and root planing, to name a few. During your appointment, our Suffern family dentist will place the Isolite 3 mouthpiece into your mouth to isolate the required quadrant of your jaw.

Isolite 3 is made with soft and flexible material, ensuring comfort for our patients. Placement of the Isolite 3 is quick and easy, and you will not experience the anxiety and discomfort often associated with the more traditional rubber dams.

After placement, our dentist 10901 will proceed with your required procedure. At the end of the treatment, the dentist near me removes and discards the single-use mouthpiece.

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