Emergency Dental Care

Have you or a loved on experienced a dental emergency and are in need of an emergency dentist? At Dental Wellness of Suffern, we understand that accidents can happen at any moment and are proud to provide emergency dental care near you. Prior to visiting us, there are a few steps to take depending upon your exact dental emergency.


When it comes to toothaches, they typically develop over time. However, certain situations can arise where a sudden, severe toothache may occur. This can be caused by cracks in the teeth, exposed tooth roots or even a cavity. If you or a loved one is experiencing a toothache, contact our emergency dentist in Suffern right away

Chipped/Cracked/Fractured Teeth

While our teeth are very strong, unfortunately they aren’t indestructible. When a patient chips or even cracks a tooth, it can be important to visit your dentist right away. Left untreated, even tiny damage can result in a broken tooth, severe decay or even an infection. If there are pieces of your teeth, please be sure to bring them with you.

Partially Dislodged Tooth

When a patient receives a blow to the face, teeth can often become damaged or partially dislodged. Partially dislodged teeth require immediate dental treatment, we recommend rinsing out your mouth and contact our emergency dentist near you immediately.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Have you managed to completely dislodge a tooth? When it comes to missing teeth, it can be important to replace them, left untreated missing teeth can result in bone loss, an aged appearance, tooth shifting, and even additional missing teeth. We have various options available depending upon your exact needs.

Lost Dental Work

Notice a filling, crown or veneer has come loose? We’d be happy to help! Just let our emergency dentist know, we’ll get your smile fixed.

Visit Our Emergency Dentist Near You Today

Need an emergency dentist near you, have no insurance? No problem! We also accept third-party financing such as CareCredit. Contact Dental Wellness of Suffern today to schedule your appointment with our emergency dentist near you open now. You can also book a visit online today!

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