Dental Implants in Suffern, NY

Dental Implants in Suffern, NY

Dental implants are a great option to replace missing teeth with stable support that mimics your natural teeth perfectly. They consist of an implanted metal post that’s surgically placed into your jawbone. The implants near you itself is made of titanium, an alloy that’s readily accepted by the body.

A dental implant mimics a tooth root. The implant is surgically placed exactly where a natural tooth would be, so the replacement tooth fits just right in the gap. A dentist in Ramapo mounts the artificial tooth directly onto the implant. One of the big benefits of implants is their amazing stability. They never come loose.

An implant is surgically fused into your jawbone, but over months the bone grows back around the implant root, making it permanently stable. This is important for dentures to be maximally effective in allowing clear speech and comfortable eating.

It is important to meet your doctor for advise; you can schedule an appointment with a dentist in Hillburn or dentist in Airmont for dental implants near me and anything about them.

Conditions for Implants

Healthy, uneroded bone and gums are necessary for solid support. Keeping implants clean with consistent good oral hygiene and regular visits to your suffern family dentist at Dental Wellness of Suffern, NY are critical for your implants.


Insurance policies usually cover little to none of the cost of implants, which is higher than other kinds of tooth replacement.

Aftercare for Dental Implants

Dental implants have an impressive track record of success. In fact, dental implants in Suffern have the highest rate of success of any kind of implanted medical device. You can also take some actions on your own that will ensure your implants last a lifetime.

First, practice great oral hygiene. Always brush twice a day. Floss at least once daily, and make sure to use interdental brushes. Interdental brushes are helpful to get in between teeth and the difficult to reach spaces around your implants.

If you smoke, quit. Nicotine can damage the bone structure and contributes to implant failure.

Avoid hard foods. Don’t eat or chew on ice! Avoid hard candy and other hard foods. These foods can crack the crown that sits on top of your affordable implants.

Visit Dr. Sherri Alpert at Dental Wellness of Suffern and see if implants are right for you. Alternatively, book your appointment with a dentist in Mahwah, NJ or one that is closest to your location.

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