Dental Crowns & Bridges in Suffern, NY

If you have chipped, decayed, damaged, or missing teeth, you might want to consider dental crowns or dental bridges near you. These dental solutions can improve both the functionality and appearance of your smile.

Same Day Dental Crowns At Our Office

Dental crowns are also called caps because they are placed to completely cover a tooth. Dental crowns can be used to treat decay, damage, or discoloration in one or multiple teeth by using various materials, depending on a patient’s needs and preferences. At Dental Wellness of Suffern, our crowns dentist near you offers porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns, and metal crowns. What’s even better is that a dental crown can be matched to the color of your natural teeth.

Fixed Dental Bridges Near You in Suffern

As an effective solution for missing teeth, a bridge does exactly what its name suggests – it bridges a gap in the teeth. Using the neighboring teeth as anchors, a dental bridge is a prosthetic that fills in the space where teeth have been lost. It is a secure and stable option that can improve the appearance and functionality of a smile. A bridge can also be supported by dental implants.

Removable Dental Bridges

Patients who do not want a permanent bridge fixed in their mouth also have the option of a removable dental bridge. It functions in the same way as a fixed bridge, in that it is used to replace one or more missing teeth and uses the adjacent natural teeth or dental implants as anchors. The difference is that a removable dental bridge can be taken out like dentures.

Both dental crowns and bridges usually take at least two appointments to complete. During the first appointment, your condition will be evaluated and you will discuss the treatment with your dentist. Impressions will be taken of the teeth receiving treatment after they have been prepared to receive either the crown or bridge. The completed crown or bridge will then be placed during a second appointment. Additional visits may be needed to make sure that everything looks and feels as it should, after which time you will be able to enjoy your new smile.

If you believe low-cost dental crowns or bridges may be right for you, contact our bridges dentist at Dental Wellness of Suffern for more information on how much porcelain crowns cost for front teeth, or any other questions you may have. Book your appointment online with our bridges dentist near you today!

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