Dental phobia can be a real problem for some patients. While most of us are not entirely comfortable at the dentist office – especially if we’ve had to receive special treatments before, such as fillings or an extraction – we still manage to keep regular appointments to maintain our oral health. Some patients, however, experience anxiety that is so strong that they avoid professional care. Sedation dentistry is one method to help ease dental anxiety. At Dental Wellness of Suffern, we also utilize the Solea® dental laser in Suffern. This tool revolutionizes routine dental procedures along with complex surgeries by replacing the dental drill to create more comfortable, less invasive, and therefore less scary treatments in Suffern, NY.

What is a dental laser?

Traditional techniques for dental treatments can be somewhat invasive, requiring uncomfortable drilling or cutting into the gums. For patients with a dental phobia, the thought of this invasiveness is what causes them to avoid the dentist chair. Other sharp instruments that call for poking and prodding are unpleasant even to patients without anxiety. A dental laser gets rid of these dental tools and the need for this invasiveness.

The Solea® dental laser utilizes a precise frequency of laser light that can be used on all three kinds of dental tissues, including hard, soft, and osseous structures. It is computer-driven and completely painless, allowing your dentist at Dental Wellness of Suffern to perform procedures as simple as treating cavities to as complex as surgical procedures without any needles or bleeding.

Why Solea®?

Solea® is a CO2 dental laser system that is the first to treat all three types of dental tissues. Hard and soft tissue procedures performed using this system require no anesthesia and, as a result, avoid the uncomfortable numbness in the mouth at the end of the appointment. Soft tissue procedures performed by the Solea® dental laser result in little to no bleeding. Using this laser results in quicker and more efficient treatments, producing far less discomfort than traditional treatments and thus helping to relieve some of the worries for patients with dental anxiety.

If you have dental anxiety and need dental treatment, the Solea® dental laser can help. Talk to a member of our team in Suffern, NY to find the right treatment for you at Dental Wellness of Suffern.

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