When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Mar 01, 2021

Dental emergencies tend to occur anywhere at any time, prompting you to seek attention from your dentist in Mahwah. However, how will you manage the situation if the problem occurs late in the evening, weekend, or holiday? If you confront a dental issue beyond office hours, you will likely need assistance from the emergency dentist near me as soon as possible.

Before you head to the emergency dentist, you must understand the difference between a standard dental issue that can wait until daytime and a dental problem threatening your health or costing you a tooth. You must have information on recognizing dental emergencies.

We don’t expect you to begin learning about recognizing dental emergencies when already affected by one and wondering how you can overcome the problem. However, this blog’s information helps to keep you prepared ahead of time for any dental emergency that you may confront. It is why we provide the following information.

How to Recognize Dental Emergencies?

Generally, any dental issue needing prompt treatment to prevent bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or preserve a tooth is a dental emergency. Severe life-threatening infections in the oral cavity are also considered dental emergencies.

Approximately 22 percent of Americans experience dental emergencies in the last six months, states the American family physician to confirm how common dental emergencies are. Anxiousness overcomes you when affected by any dental issue, but you must understand that every dental situation cannot be considered an emergency. We can help you determine whether you can wait for an appointment with your regular dentist or need help from emergency dental care in Suffern, NY, by asking yourself the following questions.

  • Are you experiencing severe pain? Severe pain accompanied by bleeding is an indicator of a dental emergency.
  • Have you lost a tooth? Prompt treatment within 30 minutes helps to preserve the tooth.
  • Are your teeth loose? As an adult, you mustn’t have loose teeth. However, if you have one, it is a severe problem, even if it is painless.
  • Are there infections in your mouth? A dental abscess is a severe infection and is potentially life-threatening. You must not wait long to get the treatment needed. You can identify a dental spot by looking at your gums, where you may notice swelling or knots on your gums and swelling around your face.
  • Is your mouth bleeding? Bleeding mouths are potential indicators of an emergency.

What Aren’t Dental Emergencies?

If you confront any issue you think can wait until the dentist near me can see you, it isn’t a dental emergency. Sometimes problems that appear critical time, in reality, wait for a day or two so long as you take care of yourself.

If you have a painful chipped or cracked tooth with fragments in your mouth that are harming the soft tissue, it is a dental emergency. However, if the chipped tooth isn’t painful, you can wait until you can get to the dentist in Suffern during the day.

Lost restorations like crowns or fillings can also wait for a few days until you can see your dentist 10901. You can use a piece of sugar-free gum to fill the cavity after losing the filling. If a dental crown has come off, you can use denture adhesives available over-the-counter to place the crown back temporarily in its place. Just avoid using superglue on the restorations.

What Are Different Types of Dental Emergencies?

If you are confronting any of the following dental emergencies, the information provided below can help you manage the problem until you get to the dentist.

Knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is comfortably re-inserted back into its socket by emergency dentists if you manage to get them within 30 minutes of the incident occurring. You must pick up the tooth, carefully holding it by the crown and rinsing it without scrubbing the roots. If possible, try to place it into its socket, but if you can’t, place the tooth in a tiny container of milk and get to the dentist as soon as possible to increase your chances of saving the tooth.

Abscessed Tooth

Dental abscesses are potentially life-threatening, where a pocket of pus in the tooth has caused the infection. You may experience fever, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, tender lymph nodes in your neck, and a persistent toothache. A dental abscess is an emergency because the infection can spread to your jaw, surrounding tissue, and other parts of your body. An abscessed tooth requires assistance from the dentist office Suffern NY to prevent complicated health issues.

As can be seen, every dental issue is an emergency to make you think about how to avoid dental emergencies? The problem is not overly challenging because the optimal way to prevent dental emergencies at odd hours is to remain proactive with your oral hygiene practices and visit your Suffern family dentist for regular cleanings and exams. Your dentist can identify any issues in your mouth to create a personalized treatment plan to address them before they aggravate into an emergency. You must also pay attention to what your teeth and body tell you and watch out for signs indicating you are heading towards a dental emergency.

Regardless of the precautions, you take dental emergencies like accidents can happen, making you search for an emergency dentist near you. In such cases you must visit the dental professional and have the injury or knocked out tooth treated as soon as possible.

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