What You Need to Know About Routine Dental Exams

What You Need to Know About Routine Dental Exams

Nov 01, 2020

Our dentist believes in prevention more than cure. Therefore, the dentist recommends preventive dental procedures such as routine dental exams and cleanings.

However, some people have beliefs about dental exams that deter them from going for routine check-ups.

10 Things You Are Misguided About Regular Teeth Examinations

Some of the myths that people have about routine dental exams include:

  • Dental exams are expensive. Compared to other dental procedures, regular teeth exams are cheap and take less time. Also, if you have a dental insurance plan, you get full coverage for preventive dental care.
  • Visit your dentist only when your tooth hurts. You might have underlying dental problems and not know until they have done much damage. With routine exams, the dentist can identify potential problems and recommend treatments immediately.
  • It is only a baby tooth. Primary teeth are prone to developing cavities and tooth decay. However, some parents assume that the milk teeth will fall out and get replaced by permanent teeth, thus don’t need regular check-ups. That is not true, since milk teeth can also develop complications just like permanent teeth.
  • Your teeth are unhealthy because you are aging. Age does not affect the health of your teeth, but poor oral hygiene and not going for regular dental exams.
  • Flossing creates gaps between your teeth. During dental exams, your dentist can teach you how to floss without causing any damage to your gums or teeth. Also, you should be aware that dental floss can’t move your teeth.
  • Diet soda has no sugars. The truth is diet soda has acidic properties in it that wear out the protective layer of your enamel. Therefore, you should consider dental exams to check the condition of your teeth.
  • Oral health does not affect the whole body. Some oral health issues, such as gum disease, have been linked to general health issues such as cardiac conditions and diabetes. Therefore, you should visit your Suffern family dentist for check-ups and early treatments.
  • Time doesn’t matter when brushing. Toxic bacteria multiply faster while asleep than when you are awake. Therefore, during dental exams, your dentist would recommend brushing before going to bed and in the morning.
  • Your personality does not affect your oral health. Someone’s personality is based on their habits, looks, and attitude. Therefore, if you have oral habits that affect your oral teeth, it is all about your personality. Also, attitude towards dental exams has something with your personality.
  • Dentists know everything. Your dentist will check your mouth for dental issues, but might not touch everything. Also, some signs might not provide enough details, preventing the right diagnosis.

What to Expect During Dental Exams?

During oral exams, the dentist near me will carry out several tests. Below are the things a dental exam at Dental Wellness of Suffern entails.

Medical history

During the first dental exam appointment, the dentist will review your medical and dental treatment history. The dentist might ask you if you have any underlying medical condition and the treatment you are receiving. Also, your dentist can ask if you have had any dental surgeries before and your experience with anesthesia.


After collecting the information about your medical history, your dentist will carry out physical exams to check the condition of your teeth, jaw, and gums. During the examinations, your dentist can also take digital x-rays to help detect abnormalities that are not visible with your naked eyes.

Also, the dentist or oral hygienist can remove tartar and plaque from the gum line and surfaces of your teeth. Next, your specialist will examine the results and recommend treatment if you have an underlying dental issue. During dental exams, your dentist can also check for signs of oral cancer.


After checking your teeth for issues, your dentist will enlighten you on how to take care of your teeth for better health. Education involves teaching oral hygiene practices that boost your dental health and avoiding harmful habits. The dentist near me can also recommend a balanced diet with calcium to strengthen your teeth.

Routine Exams Near Me

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