Dental Implant Surgery in Suffern

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implant Surgery

May 16, 2019

Notion about getting a dental implants near me may keep you away from this highly beneficial dental treatment, which can give you back the closest feel and functionality as your original need. However, as suggested by the dentists of Dental Wellness of Suffern, notions can be fought off and realistic ideas about the treatment and its benefits can be explained so that you can embrace the solution.

How painful is the tooth implantation procedure?

When you visit the dentist Suffern NY, complete care would be taken about your anesthesia and sedation, so that you don’t feel a thing. The process involves jaw bone grafting, implanting, temporary capping, and then finally capping. And there would be required some gaps between each process for the tissues to heal and take the next process. Hence, complete care about numbing your tissues so that you don’t get through any discomfort is taken.

How a tooth implant is set?

There are some stages in the surgery of a tooth implant. It goes on like this:

Whether you are the right candidate to receive the implant would be studied first by analyzing your jaw bone and oral cavity x-ray. Your dentist 10901 would take the x-ray first and decide.

To prepare for the surgery the place where the jaw bone would receive the implant would be prepared by inserting a bone graft. Your jaw bone would be given time to heal after this pre-surgery procedure.

Next, the metal anchor or post for the prosthetic tooth to get support is inserted inside the jaw bone. After this the gum tissues are given enough time to heal. During this time you are suggested a soft food diet for few weeks. Once your tissues have healed and the jaw bone fuses well with the implant post, it’s time for the capping.

A temporary cap is set on the implant to function as the prosthetic tooth till the dentist prepares a permanent prosthetic tooth and sets it.

How to care for the implanted tooth?

After you ask who is a good dentist near me at Suffern, and get the implant done, the post-surgery and care for implants is explained to you by your dentist office Suffern, NY. It’s pretty much normal routine care you do for your oral hygiene, like brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and having healthy food and drinks.

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