The Benefits of Getting Dentures: Dental Wellness of Suffern

The Benefits of Getting Dentures: Dental Wellness of Suffern

Oct 01, 2022

When you miss a tooth or several teeth, you become conscious of your smile and start experiencing the consequences of tooth loss. While you might have information about replacement solutions for your missing teeth, you might contemplate which option you must select for your missing teeth.

You might notice different options on the market to replace your missing teeth, whether missing one or all your teeth. For example, you might receive information that dental implants are the best replacement option next to dental bridges. However, dentures have lost none of their credibility and are still appropriate as replacements for the teeth you lost. Therefore you have no reason not to consider them to close the edentulous gaps in your mouth.

As a patient with missing teeth, you may think dentures are uncomfortable and require regular maintenance. However, all replacement solutions need similar care as your natural teeth. As for discomfort when wearing dentures, the phenomenon is merely temporary, and the benefits offered by dentures soon outweigh the temporary issue.

When searching for missing teeth replacement solutions researching dentures near me proves beneficial because it helps you understand denture’s benefits if you decide to get them over other replacement options. Would you like to understand the benefits of getting dentures? We suggest you keep reading this post for information about the advantages.

Dentures Advantages

Present-day dentures are created for comfort and to perform natural teeth functions. Therefore, you might need a few visits to the dentist in Suffern until you can get the correct fit. However, it is a small price to achieve renewed confidence in chewing and talking besides smiling at people you may meet.

  • Enjoying the Foods You Love: without teeth in your mouth, you find eating the foods you love challenging. Fortunately, dentures help you overcome the difficulties comfortably although the Suffern dentist might advise on some foods you must have in moderation to preserve your new dental prosthetics.
  • Eliminate Social Awkwardness: a mouth without teeth make it challenging for you to smile or compel you to do so discreetly. If you decide to get dentures to replace your missing teeth, you achieve success in eliminating the social awkwardness by attaining the ability to smile without fear.
  • Jawbone Resorption: your smile is not the only casualty of losing teeth. Dentures help support your face by providing the help you need to prevent jawbone resorption, which occurs soon after you lose your teeth. Jawbone deterioration causes your face to sag and makes you appear older. Instead, when you get dentures you help prevent resorption and retain your facial appearance.
  • Prevent Misalignments: Loss of teeth encourages your remaining teeth to drift out of position to create misalignments in your mouth. As a result, you soon begin confronting challenges with your bite and excessive forces on your remaining teeth when eating or chewing. On the other hand, dentures distribute the forces of biting and chewing evenly and prevent your teeth from shifting out of position to make it appear like you have straighter teeth to display a beautiful smile.
  • Speech Improvements: losing your natural teeth causes you to change your pronunciation because you start speaking with a lisp. You might also begin mumbling words without teeth in your mouth. When you replace your lost teeth with dentures, you regain your ability to speak clearly without mumbling because dental prosthetics make it easier for you to talk.

Unlike in the past, when dentures were created out of plastic, present-day dentures are fabricated from a plastic gum-colored base with porcelain teeth mounted on them to resemble your natural teeth. You might experience temporary discomfort when you start wearing dentures in Suffern, NY, because the appliances feel alien in your mouth. However, as you become accustomed to the dental prosthetics, you begin enjoying having them in the mouth instead of displaying yawning gaps that existed.

Dental implants are undoubtedly the best replacement options for missing teeth. Unfortunately, dental implants near me are unsuitable for everyone requiring intensive surgery and a lengthy healing period. Dental bridges are another option you can choose if you have some missing teeth. However, you must have healthy teeth beside the edentulous gap before getting bridges. In addition, bridges require compromising the tooth structure of the neighboring teeth and cost much more than dentures.

Dentures have served people for over a century and don’t require intensive procedures like surgery or tooth structure removal. Furthermore, they are non-invasive and the most affordable tooth replacement solution available on the market. Therefore if you don’t find other options suitable for your needs, you can consider dentures as an optimal solution that helps restore your mouth’s functionality and aesthetic appearance.

If you wish to overcome the downsides of missing teeth and restore the functionality of your mouth, kindly arrange a meeting with Dental Wellness of Suffern, providing realistic-looking artificial teeth with dentures. We are convinced you will not lament your decision after you choose dentures over other options to replace the teeth you lost.

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