Solea®️ Laser Dentistry for Pain-Free Dentistry

Solea® Laser Dentistry for Pain-Free Dentistry

Nov 01, 2022

What Is the Importance of Pain-Free Dentistry?

While you may not always want to admit it, maintaining good oral health comes at a hefty price. Aside from spending time and money in a dental clinic near you, you may also have to give up some of your comforts. Sometimes getting the best treatment for your oral condition dictates an invasive and painful procedure by your dentist in Suffern.

However, the pain has become a limiting factor for many people to avoid dental care altogether. The problem with neglecting dental care is that eventually many dental complications catch up with you, and you can no longer avoid visiting our dental facility at Dental Wellness of Suffern.

Fortunately, our dental team prioritizes patients’ comfort as much as their health. Therefore, we capitalize on various approaches like Solea® laser in Suffern to ensure a pain-free procedure. Besides, eliminating pain from the equation also benefits the dentist since he/she can work with precision as you sit still and at ease during your procedure.

What Is Solea Laser Dentistry?

It is a dental laser that dentists use to perform precise and speedy procedures regardless of the type of treatment. The laser produces an intense, narrow, focused beam of light using a unique wavelength. The light energy targets particular tissues in your mouth to perform the necessary dental work to reshape or remove tissues. The laser works through a computerized machine with utmost precision and speed. Ideally, the Solea laser near you is quickly becoming the replacement for traditional dental tools like the dental drill or needle.

How Can Dentists Use Solea Laser Dentistry?

Dentists utilize Solea dentistry by guiding a computer in performing particular dental works. This laser is an all-tissue tool that can perform almost all dental procedures with ease, smoothness, and speed. The laser can perform various tasks, including:

  1. Treating infected and damaged gums
  2. Treating damaged bone tissue in the jawbone
  3. Treating dental cavities
  4. Installing dental fillings
  5. Performing endodontic procedures like root canal therapy
  6. Placing dental crowns
  7. Replacing old or damaged dental fillings
  8. Treating mouth sores and ulcers

What Should You Expect During Treatment with Solea Laser Dentistry?

Ideally, the role of Solea laser dentistry is to eliminate pain during dental procedures. Therefore, you should not experience sharp or throbbing aches during your treatment. Instead, you will feel mild cold sensations every few seconds as the laser deliver the light energy to your soft tissues. It should feel nothing like pain. The better news is that the entire treatment process will last a few minutes, usually depending on the type of treatment in session.

Why Would You Choose Solea Dentistry?

Dentists do not just choose Solea because it makes their work easier, smoother, and quicker. Instead, this treatment tool is beneficial to patients in different ways. Some of the benefits you enjoy are:

  1. Speed equals convenience – you do not have to worry about being stuck in the dentist’s office for hours. Instead, a dentist can complete most treatment protocols within a short time and in one dental sitting.
  2. Treatment for dental anxiety – dental phobias and anxieties have been severe enough to deter many people from seeking dental services. If you suffer from dental anxiety, eliminating the issue of pain from dental procedures is a great step to overcoming your phobias. Besides, Solea laser dentistry eliminates the buzzing drill sounds and the use of needles for dental procedures.
  3. Anesthesia-free treatments – the dentist will not need to numb your mouth before dental procedures. Solea dentistry replaces traditional local anesthesia for dental procedures.
  4. Preservation of healthy soft tissues – Solea laser dentistry maximizes precision so that dentists can reduce damage to surrounding healthy tissues. It translates to less bleeding, bruising, and a significantly lower chance of infection than in traditional dentistry.
  5. Speedy healing and recovery – your recovery period is likely shorter with Solea dentistry than with traditional dentistry due to reduced damage to surrounding tissues.
  6. Little or no downtime – usually, patients must be cautious about what they do immediately after dental procedures until the anesthesia wears off. However, Solea dentistry allows you to resume eating and drinking normally, unless under special advisement by your dentist 10901.

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