The Solea® Dental Laser revolutionizes routine dental procedures and complex surgeries by taking the dental drill out of the equation. Traditional techniques for dental treatment tend to be invasive. For example, a dental drill removes decayed matter from a cavity. For people with a dental phobia, the sound of the drill itself is enough to bring on anxiety. Many people delay getting the dental care they need due to their genuine phobia of dental drills and dentists due to the tendency of dentistry to use sharp instruments that poke and prod tender, sore and sensitive tissues. Some patients have had bad experiences being on the sharp end of the drill, and those

But no longer. The Solea® is the first CO2 dental laser system for all three kinds of dental tissues, including hard, soft, and osseous structures. Solea®is a sophisticated computer-driven painless laser tool that helps your dentist perform surgeries ranging from the simplest cavities to highly involved, complex surgical procedures. With Solea®, most patients need no needles, no injections, and no post-procedure bleeding management, because there’s little to no bleeding. Solea® uses a precise frequency of laser light that’s ideal for dental medicine.

Why Solea®?

Dental procedures—both hard and soft tissue procedures—done with Solea® need no anesthesia. Soft tissue procedures produce little to no bleeding at all. If that seems remarkable, it is. Solea® is a quantum leap forward in applied dental technology that allows us to treat simple and complex issues in both hard and soft oral tissue quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

That means that we can deliver more procedures to you, our patients, during one visit, with far less discomfort than a single visit using older tools. You won’t have that numb sensation that makes speaking difficult and eating a mess after a procedure using Solea. You won’t be dealing with any messy gauze changes.

Visit Dr. Sherri Alpert at Dental Wellness of Suffern for your dental care. You can find out for yourself what a big difference the Solea Laser Dental system makes in quick, thorough and comprehensive dental treatment.

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