Smile Makeovers: Benefits of Replacing Silver Fillings with Resin

Jul 01, 2023

Although ADA has confirmed amalgam fillings as safe, few dentists prefer to maintain an amalgam-free approach. These professionals use composite resin fillings to repair cracked, broken, or chipped teeth. They are less visible and are the same as the tooth color.

Composite resin fillings are manufactured using a combination of glass and plastic bonded to the tooth. They are also strong and can remain for several years with proper care. If you notice your silver fillings worn down, cracked, or causing some discomfort, it’s the perfect time to swap them with the composite once.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are dental fillings made from composite dental resin. They are also known as white fillings. Therefore, they blend seamlessly with the remaining teeth.

What Are Amalgam Fillings?

Amalgam fillings are also known as silver fillings. They are a combination of metals like silver, tin, copper, mercury, and alloy. These silver fillings are known for their long lifespan and strength. Many dental offices still provide silver fillings in cases where the patients require filling on less visible teeth, molars, or teeth that face more wear and tear.

Why Replace Your Old Silver Fillings with Composite Fillings?

Let us discover why tooth-colored composite resin fillings are a popular alternative to silver amalgam.


Nearly 50% of silver fillings are manufactured from mercury which causes health issues among patients. Human bodies can handle acceptable limits of mercury. Even tiny amounts can cause serious effects like autoimmune disorders, allergies to the metal, etc.

Few patients are sensitive to mercury in amalgam fillings. Due to this, they experience allergic reactions. However, composite fillings do not have any mercury. Therefore, white fillings are much safer than silver ones.

Much More Long-lasting and Stronger

Unlike old-fashioned amalgam fillings, composite resin fillings are much more durable and strong. Since white fillings do not contract or expand due to temperature changes, they do not put additional pressure on the teeth. Moreover, temperature changes cause more damage if you have amalgam fillings.

For example, if these fillings have constant exposure to cold or hot temperatures, they can crack. Furthermore, composite fillings are bonded to the tooth directly. So the tooth becomes stronger once the cosmetic dentist near you fills the cavity using a composite resin.

Look More Natural

Many people dislike silver fillings because of their metallic gray color, which is visible while smiling or speaking. But white composite resin filling is the standard amongst most dental clinics because they appear more natural than the silver counterparts. It means the dentist can color-match them to the teeth to achieve a uniform smile. Therefore, when you talk to others or smile, no one will ever be able to notice that you have smile makeovers near you.

More Tooth Structure Preservation

Tooth-colored composite resin fillings need minimal drilling. Therefore, they preserve more structure of the tooth. The dentist uses these fillings to perform cosmetic improvements to the affected teeth. However, amalgam fillings involve a lot of drilling and eliminating the portion of a healthy tooth.

Budget-Friendly Option

Most dental insurances cover composite fillings. Therefore, it is a pocket-friendly option for people with cracked or imperfect teeth.

Can Adapt to Any Shape of Cavity

Amalgam fillings stay in their position by the cavity shape. However, composite resin fillings bind to teeth on a microscopic level. It means it can adapt to any tooth cavity shape.

No Discoloration Issue

With time, the silver fillings tend to discolor teeth. It usually gives a dark or gray-black hue. On the other hand, composite fillings do not stain teeth.

Hardens Speedier Than Amalgam

Composite tooth fillings are manufactured using a combination of acrylic quartz fillers. It hardens faster than silver fillings.

Can be Easily Repaired

Another reason people prefer composite fillings over amalgam is they are easy to repair if damaged.

Can be Useful for Much More than Cavities

Chipped teeth, broken teeth, or tiny fractures in teeth are all fixable using composite tooth fillings. Therefore, they offer much more advantages than just addressing cavities.

Get Smile Makeovers in Suffern, NY Today

If you want to restore the strength of your infected tooth while protecting it from decay, opting for composite resin fillings at Dental Wellness of Suffern is an ideal choice. It is an aesthetically-pleasing and healthy choice over silver fillings.

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