Is Dentist Fluoride Treatment Necessary?

Is Dentist Fluoride Treatment Necessary?

Feb 12, 2019

Nobody likes cavities and stained teeth. With our kind of eating habits and lifestyle our teeth are more prone to many oral problems. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that has been utilized for many years to help prevent tooth decay. So have you heard about fluoride treatment and did your Suffern family dentist suggest you to get one? Is the fluoride treatment really necessary? Read on to find out the answers.

Fluoride Treatment

As said, fluoride is a natural mineral but with demineralization, acids produced by mouth attacks the layer of enamel. And tooth decay begins when the bacteria and sugars present in the mouth form acids that erode the tooth’s protective enamel. According to the dentist 10901 fluoride helps strengthen the teeth through a process called remineralization wherein the mineral bonds to weakened areas of tooth enamel.

Dentist near me says that children who get adequate amount of fluoride while their teeth are still erupting or forming, will develop permanent teeth that are stronger and more decay-resistant over a lifetime. Fluoride can benefit people of all ages. Actually, many adults can only receive enough fluoride by visiting their dentist regularly for a dental cleaning. Now, fluoride also helps in preventing tooth decay in adults who are particularly susceptible to cavities or decay.

How Does Fluoride Work

Fluoride treatment doesn’t hurt right. They are safe and very beneficial. Fluoride disrupts acid production; helping to inhibit the process that leads to tooth decay says the dentist in Suffern NY. Therefore, it’s a great and cost-effective strategy for maintaining dental health and preventing more expensive problems later on. Preventive care is one of the best ways to help protect your enamel from wearing down.

Are fluoride treatments necessary could be particularly beneficial to a patient with conditions such as; dry mouth, gum disease, gum recession, or a history of frequent cavities that could put you at a higher risk for developing cavities. Fluoride treatments can reverse early signs of tooth decay in both children and adults who regularly visit the family dentist in Suffern near Mahwah, NJ and Upper Bergen County, NJ 10901 for cleaning and fluoride treatments.

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