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Is A Crown Right For You? 3 Benefits

Dec 16, 2018

Dental crowns are enamel covers or caps used to protect a heavily damaged tooth. Porcelain crowns are also an alternative to enamel covers. Crowns ultimately provide protection for the root of your tooth that originated from severe decay. Typically, crowns are needed and recommended for patients who have large cavities, are missing teeth, or had a root canal. They can also be used for aesthetic purposes, such as if you have a discolored or misshaped tooth.

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3 Benefits to Receiving a Crown on your Tooth:

Protection for Your Root of a Highly Worn-Down Tooth

Having a cap to protect your worn-down tooth is beneficial because it gives your tooth a chance to heal in an uncontacted environment. If your tooth were to not have a crown, it would be open to bacteria and could potentially cause more damage to your exposed root. This helps your natural tooth structure to reform in a healthier way than having it uncovered and unprotected.

Appealing to Aesthetics

If you have a tooth you are unhappy with due to its color or shape, a crown can help. Since they are placed over an existing tooth, it will look as good as new. Having teeth that you are proud of instill confidence, which can increase your levels of health. Studies show that confidence is linked to lower blood pressure and heart rate, so just by fixing a tooth you are unsatisfied with you can increase your health holistically.

Restored Function

If your tooth has decayed and is causing you high amounts of pain, getting it capped could stop the constant discomfort you feel. This will help you perform normal daily functions such as talking or chewing without extreme pain and sensitivity.

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