Gum Sculpting: Everything You Need To Know About It For An Effective Procedure

Gum Sculpting: Everything You Need To Know About It For An Effective Procedure

Aug 01, 2021

Many people worldwide are not happy about how their gums look and are probably looking to change them. People who have a low and uneven gum line or a gummy smile make their teeth look inconsistent and smaller in size and are very insecure about their looks. The good thing is that a solution to this problem leads to permanent results, leaving the patient with a brighter and balanced smile and restoring their self-esteem. This solution is known as gum sculpting. Gum sculpting help reshape the gum around the teeth by removing the excess and creating a much brighter smile.

A Gum Sculpting Procedure

The dentist would first examine the patient’s gum to determine the solution that would remedy the issue. For example, the dentist could recommend laser gum sculpting if less than 2 millimeters of gum must be removed. Then the dentist would administer local anesthesia to the patient and use a high-powered soft tissue laser to contour, shape, and reseal the gum tissue, ensuring that the patient has a perfect smile.
More than 2 millimeters of gum may be removed in a much complex case, and this would require a surgical reduction. This reduction procedure takes up to four months after the surgery.

Restrictions During Recovery

After a gum sculpting procedure, the patient would be careful of the food they eat as the gum still sensitive, and food that could poke, injure or irritate the gums should be avoided. The patient should stick to a soft diet the first few days after the procedure like pudding, smooth cereals, soup, yogurt, and others.

If your gums sculpting procedure were done through a surgical procedure, you would be scheduled for a check-up during the healing process, which would enable the dentist to check the gums and determine if it is healing as expected. If the gum is doing well, the dentist will allow you to return to your regular diet and advise you on the best foods for your dental health. The dentist in Suffern would also recommend antibiotic mouth rinse to protect your gum from any affection, and you would also be instructed to gently brush and floss your teeth.

How Can I Make Sure The Gums Sculpting Procedure Lasts Long?

After the gums sculpting procedure, it will be best for the patient to have a teeth whitening procedure. This is because the part of the teeth hidden under the gum would not have the same brightness as the other parts that have been exposed to brushing and flossing, and as such, a teeth whitening procedure would help give your teeth an even brightness.

The second method would help in the long-lasting of your new smile. The cells in the gum can start to regenerate after the gum sculpting procedure because our body is used to heals itself after an injury. This means the gum could grow back with time. Therefore, to avoid such after the procedure, porcelain veneers could serve as a barrier against gum regrowth. Since veneers can last for 20 years, keeping your sculpted gum results for that long will also be possible.

Gum Sculpting is an essential part of cosmetic dentistry and a great way to promote better oral health. Having a Gum Sculpting procedure is not exactly difficult, and you can easily get it done without worrying about complications. However, you must consult your dentist for advice to know if you are fit for the procedure. If you do not have a dentist office Suffern NY, you can search gum sculpting near me, or dentist near me to get a local listing of dental clinics near you to book an appointment. If you live in Suffern family dentist, then you can get a dentist near your residence by searching gum sculpting in Suffern, or Dental Wellness of Suffern to book an appointment.

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