Facts and Common Myths About Emergency Dentistry You Did Not Know

Facts and Common Myths About Emergency Dentistry You Did Not Know

Feb 13, 2020

Dental emergencies sound surprising but it is no joke. Just like other health emergencies, your mouth may have an emergency. This facility allows you to get treatment as soon as possible. Bleeding gums, broken or chipped teeth due to an accident, or swollen gums are not a good sign. You must get them treated right away. To make sure your smile stays attractive, emergency dentistry is available. The dentist near me may not always be there to assist you.

Emergency dentists have some facts that most people are unaware of. Here are some of those facts that you must know before going to an emergency dentist in Mahwah.

Dentist Must Be Specialized

Every dentist is specialized but emergency dentistry requires one extra step. The general dentist cannot assist you with every problem every time. Emergency dentists have been specially trained to comfort patients with serious and emergencies.

Dentist Must Be Able to Perform Variety of Treatments

An emergency dentist cannot limit the procedures to extractions and implants. The emergency dentist you choose must be able to provide any type of treatment. From simple cleaning to a root canal therapy, there should not be any procedure that he or she is not good at. Suffern family dentist can help you in any dental emergency case.

Your Comfort Should Not Be Compromised

Emergency departments are famous for compromising the comfort of patients. This does not mean an emergency dentist near me will never let you take a moment to relax or make you anxious. Your comfort is urgent dental care must be the same as a general dental unit.

No Appointment Hassles

Appointments are a formality for general dentists. In emergencies, you cannot wait in a queue or call before visiting. It is an emergency and comforting it must be the priority of an emergency dentist office Suffern, NY.

Your Overall Health Must Be the Priority

Patients’ health is the priority of every dentist and hygienist. For an emergency dentist in Suffern, treating the emergency should not be the only concern. The dentist must refer you to another specialist if other problems are there.

The Common Myths About Emergency Dentistry

Nobody likes dental emergencies but you may have encountered many until now. Intense toothache, knocked out teeth, bleeding gums, and lost tooth is just a few to name. With several benefits come several misconceptions. Myths about emergency dentistry have been prevailing ever since the type of dentistry was introduced. You might have heard about them as well. They are not just troublesome but adversely affect oral health. Here are some myths with the reality to clarify any confusions.

Partially Dislodged Teeth Can recover Themselves

This is a myth because a dislodged or knocked out tooth cannot get back in the socket itself. No miracle happens for the knocked-out teeth. Instead, this is a dental emergency because you may embrace any infection because of it. An emergency dentist will make sure the tooth is placed back in the socket and you are comfortable as well.

Every Toothache Means Emergency

The biggest misconception about dental emergencies is related to pain. Keep in mind that every pain you feel does not require an emergency dentist. You can have a painkiller or any home remedy to soothe minor pain. For severe pain, you must visit Park Ridge emergency dentist 10901.

Dental Emergencies Can Wait for an Hour or Two

The fallacy behind this statement is unbelievable. How can someone bear an emergency for an hour or two? This is the wrong approach. A dental emergency cannot wait that long. Just like other emergencies, this also needs treatment right away.

Emergency Room Is Better Than an Emergency Dentist

This is another common myth. Rushing to an emergency room is not a wise choice. Most patients suffer from pain and more discomfort due to this thought. Every emergency room does not have an emergency dentist on duty every time. Emergency dentistry is always available with highly qualified personnel to help you.

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