Dental Sealants: Are they Necessary for Adults?

Dental Sealants: Are they Necessary for Adults?

Mar 01, 2022

Improving oral hygiene in adults enhances their dental health. Fillings mend the teeth and prevent cavities from getting worse. However, these do not stop cavities from happening; this is when dentists recommend using dental sealants on chewing surfaces.

Regular flossing and brushing in your oral hygiene routine help remove food debris and plaque from the teeth’ surface. However, brushing and flossing do not remove all the plaque at the back of your mouth.

Sealants protect the mouth’s hard-to-reach areas from cavities by sealing the area from food and plaque. Adults can also benefit from sealants, although it is usually more associated with children and adolescents because of the potential for decay within the pits and fissures of premolars and molars.

What Do Sealants Do

Dental sealants prevent cavities by applying a thin coating of plastic to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. The layer is mainly used on premolars and molars since they are more susceptible to minor and undetectable food particles. Dental sealants bond into the pits and grooves of the teeth forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.

Minimize Tooth Decay

With adequate oral care, sealants can last up to 10 years. When wearing and chipping occur, replacement and routine inspection are necessary. If an adult’s baby teeth are still lingering, sealants are the perfect option.

Sealants should be the choice for adults looking to minimize the chances of tooth decay. They are also a form of preventative maintenance that protects your teeth from future dental procedures arising from plaque decay or bacterial buildup.

Prevent Cavities

If an adult’s teeth have cavities or early signs of decay, applying sealants prevents other teeth damage. Since the adhesive is transparent, your dentist in Suffern can easily monitor the affected teeth to ensure the bond is working efficiently. Dental sealants also do not contain any side effects or any form of Bisphenol A (BPA)

Counter Aging

Our exposure to decay increases as we age and mature. As a result, gums and teeth are less protected than kids are. In addition, aging changes the biochemistry of our saliva and teeth; adults benefit from sealants since they are effective and safe.

Enhanced Appearance

Dental sealants not only make your brushing routine more manageable but also your smile. Due to fewer food particles in the fissures and pits of teeth, there is less chance for bacteria and other buildups, reducing stains and plaque on the teeth’ surface. Fewer stains and plaque buildup means healthier, cleaner, and whiter smiles!

Why some Adults Need Sealants

Although sealants are often used to protect children’s teeth, some adults need sealants. Sealants are a preventive measure that can make teeth healthy. Listed below are some common reasons adults need sealants to protect their teeth.

Deep Grooves on their Teeth

Molars come in different sizes and shapes, implying that some adults have deeper depressions and grooves on their molars’ surface. Due to this, cleaning their teeth effectively will be difficult. In addition, bacteria and debris are easily in the fissures, leading to tooth decay.

Genetic Predisposition

Some people are born with teeth that are more prone to cavities. Unfortunately, practicing oral hygiene does not help them because their teeth expose them to harmful holes. The best remedy remains to be dental sealants.

For Proactive Reasons

Adults with healthy teeth opt for dental sealants for proactive reasons. First, people want to experience healthy teeth free from cavities. The protective barrier sealants ensure that teeth will last a lifetime as they were designed.

Are Sealants the Right Choice for You?

After knowing more about how dental sealants help adults, are you interested in placing sealants on your teeth? It is vital to take good care of your teeth to last a lifetime. Although the mouth works effectively with a complete set of teeth, you need to find a tooth restoration and experience good oral health even when missing a tooth.

Children and adults prone to tooth decay can benefit from dental sealants near you. At Dental Wellness of Suffern, patients should consider using sealants as the procedure is quick and painless but provides long-lasting cavity protection.

For Dental sealants in Suffern, kindly schedule an appointment with us. Our dentist near me will discuss the benefits of dental sealants for your family.

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