Definition of Full Mouth Reconstruction and Its Procedure

Definition of Full Mouth Reconstruction and Its Procedure

Nov 01, 2021

Full mouth reconstruction is the process in which the teeth in your upper and lower teeth are restored, rebuild, and replaced. Your dentist reconstructs almost all the teeth in your mouth. This is common for people who have different oral problems occurring at once. For example, one might be having a dental cavity, a chipped tooth, or even unaligned teeth. If one has all these problems, the best choice is to go for full mouth reconstruction. Your dentist will take you through multiple procedures at once.

Undergoing your full mouth reconstruction in Suffern, NY, 10901, will leave you with the smile that you deserve. We deliver the best services, so rest assured you will be in good hands. Our staff has all the facilities that might be required during the reconstruction procedure. Visit us today and get value for your money. This article has discussed the full mouth reconstruction procedure, how long it takes, and its benefits.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure

During your first appointment, your dentist will discuss the concerns and goals for treatment. Then, the dentist will ask questions about your dental health, medical history, and lifestyle. You are also allowed to ask any questions concerning the procedure. The dental expert will then conduct an oral examination. During the examination, they will consider the following:

  • Gum tissues: You might be having a periodontal disease which means your gums are not healthy. Your dentist will do scaling and root planning to treat the gums. They will ensure that after reconstruction, your gums will be strong and protected. If you have missing teeth, the treatment will involve bone grafting to enhance the strength of your jaw bone for a dental implants near me to be placed.
  • Aesthetics: The shape of your teeth, the size, and the color are checked on how they conform to your gums, mouth, and face. By looking at their relation, your dentist will get an image that will help in full mouth reconstruction.
  • Teeth: Your teeth will give so much information about your oral condition. The state of your teeth will determine the treatment you will need, like the need for restorations such as dental bridges, crowns, or porcelain veneers. In addition, your dentist will check for any cavity or decay, or fractured teeth.
  • Jaw muscles and side head joints: You’re supposed to feel comfortable while chewing food in a normal healthy state. If you are experiencing jaw pain when chewing, your dentist will treat the joints to get rid of the pain and prevent damage to your teeth. Your dentist will also check the condition of your jaw muscles closely.

Our dentist in Suffern will perform a quick and comfortable examination. After all the information has been obtained, the correct treatment procedures will be recommended to solve your oral problems. Other procedures performed during the full mouth reconstruction may include:

  • Contouring your gum tissues to acquire the best look
  • Reposition of your jaw through orthographic surgery
  • Dental restorations like tooth implants
  • Bridges and crowns installation
  • Fixing braces to your teeth to align them and put them in the right position for reconstruction

Your dentist office Suffern NY will clean your teeth during the first steps of the procedure to remove plaque and tartar stains, and bacteria.

How Long Does Full Mouth Reconstruction Take?

The whole process of mouth reconstruction can take from six months up to a year. The condition of your teeth will determine the treatment time. Some require fewer procedures, and others need lengthy procedures due to their oral problems. It’ll also be determined by the number of appointments you have scheduled with your dentist near me.

Benefits Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are many benefits associated with full mouth reconstruction. However, these are the main benefits:

  • Creates stronger dental structure: After getting a full mouth reconstruction near you, your jaw bone will be healthier, and your teeth will be well aligned. Having aligned teeth will boost your smile as well as your esteem.
  • Your oral health improves: The reconstruction fixes many problems in your mouth. Infections are treated hence improving your oral health. Correcting underlying issues protects your teeth from future problems. Also, having well-aligned teeth will make it easier for you to clean them well; hence you’ll prevent your teeth from getting cavities and decay.

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