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Are Dental Crowns Needed By People With Broken Teeth?

Dec 01, 2019

People needing crowns on their teeth are frequently questioning dentists whether they are candidates for a crown as dental crowns have become the most common restorations. The concern of people can be understood because dental crowns near me can cost hundreds of dollars at a time even when they are covered by insurance.

A dental crown is the best option to extend the life of a tooth for years and it is the reason why they are being recommended frequently. People visiting the dentist near me them often inquire about options for treating the tooth to delay needing a crown. While there are options for treating the tooth to delay the need patients must be cautious if the dentist near them recommends many crowns for them on their first visit. They must be prepared to inquire with the dentist why they need the crowns in their mouth or consider getting a second opinion from the dentist in Suffern, NY, 10901.

Questions people should be prepared to ask their dentist before opting for crowns.

Why Is The Crown Needed?

Your tooth has probably cracked if you experience pain when you bite down. You may be a candidate for a root canal if the crack is below the gum line. The treatment may also require crown lengthening or tooth extraction. However, patients are suggested to inquire whether the tooth is indeed cracked and not just crazed. Craze lines despite being common are not harmful and exist in the back teeth of most adults. Craze lines are simply stress lines that do not need a crown. However, if it has cracked, it does require a crown because it is in a serious condition. The structural integrity of your tooth will not be affected by craze lines and therefore various options to fix them are available and can be chosen. If the craze lines are displaying deep stains or are very long it could suggest a developing crack. Asking the dentist for an inter-oral image or a handheld mirror to view the crack is suggested.

What Options Do I Have?

Crowns are options in some cases but in others opting for fillings is also possible. Patients must bear in mind that fillings will not prevent them from needing a crown sometime later. If the tooth needs to be filled substantially the better option would be to have a crown because it offers better protection than fillings. Moreover, large fillings can break the tooth making it irreparable.

What Are The Implications Of Delaying The Crowns?

  • Nothing may happen if you decide to wait.

  • The tooth could chip needing a simple repair or it could crack making a crown essential.

  • A root canal may become necessary if you decide to wait in rare cases.

  • A crown lengthening procedure or extraction may become necessary with the splitting of the tooth.

These are matters your Suffern family dentist must be prepared to discuss with you when suggesting you need crowns in your mouth.

Will I need a root canal?

Root canals are not needed by most crowns if the tooth is not infected or acutely inflamed.

Does a Large Filling Indicate The Need for A Crown?

A crown would become a necessity if a silver filling covers 2/3 of the width of the tooth or more. The tiny amount of tooth left with an old filling can compromise the tooth. In such cases, the decision of whether to accept the dentist’s suggestion or not is up to you. Being proactive and preventing the tooth from cracking will require a crown. The other option would be to wait for it to break before fixing it.

Dental crowns in Suffern attempts to keep your teeth and gums free from diseases and believes it is important to tackle issues early before they become serious. They can offer a comprehensive range of restorative and cosmetic services including porcelain veneers, crowns, tooth-colored fillings, Etc. They are conservative in their approach and committed never to over-treat their patients.

Dental crowns in Suffern have offices in nearby locations of Montebello, NY, Mahwah, NJ, Upper Bergen County, NJ, Ramapo, NY, Saddle River, NJ, Ridgewood, NJ, and Westwood, NJ, Park Ridge, NJ.

If you need dental crowns but don’t have support from dental insurance they can also offer you a discount plan and flexible payment options to ensure you can have the dental crowns you need to keep the appearance of your teeth and smile as beautiful as it is presently.

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