3 Ways We Use Dental Crowns

3 Ways We Use Dental Crowns

Jan 03, 2019

Have you heard of Dental crowns near me? Has your dentist recommended getting dental crowns for your chipped tooth? According to Dentist near 10901, Dental crowns are a common method of restoring the health of tooth and prevent tooth extraction in cases of infection or decayed tooth. It can also help in improving the smile and boost your confidence.

Dental Crowns to Repair Teeth

Enamel covers tooth protecting the tooth from decaying. It also makes the appearance of the teeth white. When enamel is compromised due to decaying or broken tooth, it makes the tooth vulnerable to breaking or decaying. The crown replaces the enamel and helps in resolving the decay, repair a fracture, and rebuild the worn out teeth.

The Dentist in Suffern NY says that there are several options for the patients such as all-porcelain, porcelain fused in metal and full gold crowns. The type of crown chosen for the procedure depends on the location of the tooth and patient’s preference. However, most people choose porcelain as they match to the natural color of their remaining teeth.

Dental Crowns to Improve the Appearance of Teeth

The crowns help in improving the appearance of the teeth as natural teeth may become discolored, chipped, or lose its enamel and get stained. A dental crown will help in restoring the appearance of the tooth and make them pearly white. Crown can improve single tooth based on the needs of the patient. Crowns are custom-made for matching surrounding teeth. It gives you a younger appearance restoring your dental health.

Dental Crowns to Strengthen Teeth after Root Canal Treatment

After your Root Canal Treatment, the blood supply is stopped from the tooth which makes it more brittle and prone to breakage. It can fracture quite easily. The dental crown helps in protecting the tooth which has undergone root canal and add life to the lifeless tooth.

You can discuss the crown options and procedure with your Suffern family Dentist and get the right suggestions. He will explain about ways to maintain your dental hygiene post crown fixing.

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