Improve The Shape Of A Tooth Used Dental Bonding In Suffern

3 Cosmetic Flaws We Can Treat With Dental Bonding

Mar 16, 2019

Do you have stained teeth, chipped or broken tooth? A dental procedure known as dental bonding can help you make your tooth appear as good as new without costing you much. Dental bonding is quite an inexpensive method to repair chipped or broken teeth, improve the shape of a tooth or correct minor spacing issues. Most dentist in Mahwah would recommend a dental bonding procedure for minor cosmetic dental problems.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is referred to a dental cosmetic procedure wherein a composite material is applied, sculpted into shape, hardened and polished. This composite is the same color as your tooth and as a result of this appear natural and blends in with your natural teeth.

Dental bonding is ideal for minor cosmetic work which includes the repair chipped or broken teeth, improve the shape of a tooth or correct minor spacing issues. These tooth-colored dental Bonding tooth fillings can also be used to fill small cavities as they appear natural and can be quite appealing compared to silver fillings.

You can consult a Dentist office Suffern, NY to resolve your cosmetic dental problems and issues.

What is Dental Bonding Used For?

Dental bonding can be used for a wide array of dental cosmetic applications to restore your teeth and smile. Here are some dental problems which can be resolved using dental bonding:

Repair chipped or broken teeth

Natural enamel is are very durable but can get damaged upon application of high pressure. People often crack or break their teeth due to accidents, fights, chewing hard food substance such as hard candy or nuts. Dental bonding tooth fillings can help in restoring cracked or chipped teeth and bring back your original dental appearance.

Correct Minor Spacing Issues

Not every spacing requires a dental correction. Dental bonding can help in filling the gaps and restoring your smile.

You can consult a dentist near you to correct dental spacing issues using dental bonding.

Improve the shape of a tooth

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Dental bonding can easily alter or shape your teeth to provide you much more straight teeth and an enhanced aesthetic appearance.

You can consult a dentist in Suffern NY to improve the appearance of your teeth using dental bonding.

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